Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov. 11th New Area, New Companion

Hola todos!
Pues, estoy escribiendo hoy porque ayer tuvimos cambios! ¿que loco no? ahora estoy con mi primer compañero que también es gringo! que raro... no hemos hablado en inglés todavía... quien sabe si vamos a hacerlo o no? Mi nuevo compañero es Elder Porter, es de Hurrican ( creo que se escribe así) y apenas terminó su entrenamiento y ya habla bien el español y es muy bueno. Mi nueva área es Ciudad Mante en el barrio Morelos. Aquí hay 4 misioneros. no es muy cuidad aquí es como un vecindario pero definitivamente más fresa que Anáhuac... jaja. 
Well I am writing today because yesterday we had changes!  How crazy right? Now I am with my first companion that is also a gringo! How strange....and we still haven't spoken in English...who knows if we are going to do it or not?  My new companion is Elder Porter, he is from Hurricane and he just finished his training and now speaks Spanish well and is really great.  My new area is Ciudad Mante in the Morelos ward.  Here there are 4 missionaries.  It's not really a city here it is more like a suburb but is definitely more posh than Anáhuac...ha ha
So ya, here the streets are paved and all that and the houses are nicer and I am pretty sure there aren't any problems with having water here. And I didn't write yesterday because we didn't get here until the evening and they had appointments so we went out to teach, this area has some great potential. We went to the house of an investigator that they hadn't talked to in a month because they hadn't been able to find her and it turns out that she was reading the Bible and had a question and then later read in the Book of Mormon and found the answer to the question and she, all by herself, said that she was in the wrong church and then was asking about how to become a member of the church and how to accept Christ in her life and we obviously explained a little about baptism and the confirmation. We have an appointment with her on Saturday so we will see how it goes, her name is Alexandra.
About the last week in Anáhuac... well it really wasn't a very good week, my companion was kinda dying... he is really great and all, but he was kinda down and he just didn't want to work very much and it was already hard enough with how the area is that we didn't have much success. Don't worry, I made sure we worked and stuff but it just wasn't very effective... they actually closed the area and now there are only two missionaries there because we really didn't have much support from the members and stuff like that. But last couple weeks we were having family home evenings to animate (he means get the members excited) the members and those were starting to work out so I hope they can keep working with that so the branch can get back into gear and they can put another pair of missionaries there.
A good experience that we did have with the FHE that we had with the branch president and his family, well at least it was something really cool that I learned, was that Christ gave his life for us because He knows our potential, He was willing to give his life because he knew it would give us the chance to someday become like our Heavenly Father. He knew that some wouldn't take the chance but even then he was willing to give it to them. All we have to do now is take advantage of the opportunity that The Savior has so lovingly given us and make sure that He will be proud of the things we do and that he will know that we truly love Him because of the choices we make. I know that our Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ love us and that They have prepared a way for us to return to them and become like them and have eternal happiness.
Well, that's about all the time I have for this week, I hope all is well at home and that you enjoy my email :) Keep on keepin' on! haha. I love you all :)
-Elder Sampson

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